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~ Tuesday, February 25 ~
To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.
— ― Ralph Waldo Emerson (via psych-quotes)

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~ Saturday, February 1 ~
1. Take a chance and talk to them.
2. Never make assumptions about what other people are feeling.
3. If you can’t cry, then run until your lungs burst, or write until you feel something.
4. People leave. It’s as inevitable as the change of the seasons, but don’t let it define you.
5. Cigarettes are not meal replacements.
6. Destruction is lovely, but nothing is more beautiful than creation.
7. Don’t compare your intelligence to others’; it’s something too abstract to be measured.
8. Being happy and not afraid to die is a dangerous combination.
9. There’s something to be said for anonymity, but don’t lose sight of yourself. 

Sometimes the best thing for the other person is to let them live their life without you.
10. Don’t be the other woman. You deserve to be with someone who will respect you enough to be with only you.
11. Never be pressured into doing something sexual.
12. Don’t call yourself a slut or a whore, because it makes it okay for other people to call you that and that is NOT okay.
13, Feel free to fall, but always be prepared to catch yourself.
14. Jealousy will eat you alive. Don’t be jealous of other people’s relationships - there are always flaws you can’t see.
14 Things I Did Not Learn In School-by (N.I.) pt. 1 (via migrains)

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Sometimes, in order to embrace the destiny God has in store, you have to be willing to make some changes in your life. You have to be willing to examine where you are and what you need to move forward. This may mean that you need to change some friends that you’re spending time with. Maybe they were fine for a season in your life, but now you’ve outgrown them. This is a new season, and in order for you to rise higher, you have to break away from relationships that are limiting you. You have to develop some new relationships with people who are going to pull you up and inspire you to rise higher.

And, this doesn’t just mean separating yourself from people who are holding you back spiritually. I’ve found that if you’re the smartest one in your group, your group is too small. Find people who will challenge you to stretch to the next level and become everything God’s created you to be. Remember, he who walks with the wise becomes wise. Choose your friends wisely and don’t be deceived. Surround yourself with people who will cause you to rise higher so you can live in the destiny God has in store for you!

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~ Monday, January 20 ~


Have you ever just sat in your room.

And just stopped thinking.

Stop questioning yourself.

Just stopped everything you are doing and just breathe.

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Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Mark Twain (via psych-facts)

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Your failure does not define you, your determination does.

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Stop chasing

I’ve officially stopped chasing after D.

He just wants the most precious part of me and destroy it then leave me broken.

Stop chasing.

If he wants me he has to come get me. 

Until then. Adios!

Someone else came into my life again, he’s alot nicer and such as sweet heart.

Why are we more inclined to chase after someone who CLEARLY doesn’t want you.

Time to face the music love. 

It’s time I start chasing after my own personal goals.

It’s time I start facing my issues without any distractions.

I’m really excited for my future.

I love how with Nursing I can work, travel anywhere in the world with full time employment.

The only thing holding me back right now is money.

This year I have to promise myself I will get my money issues solved. 

2014 is looking bright. :D

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~ Saturday, January 4 ~

Poor university student.

Fuck osap. I officially cannot afford to go to school. But I need to go to school. Ironic isn’t it. 

I have no cosigner for a student line of credit and my Dad is too much of a fucking pussy to ask any of his family members if they would be willing ot be my cosigner. 

Honestly, I’m desperate.

I feel like I’d be better off working as a fucking stripper and being able to afford school.

Honestly im trying to be positive. But it’s hard. I’m legit a broke fucking student.